Potter the Otter Loves Water

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First 5 wants every child to grow up healthy and strong, and we know that habits form early. Potter the Otter: A Tale About Water was developed to assist parents and childcare providers in talking with young children about making healthier drink choices. Healthy choices lead to healthy kids who grow up to be healthy adults!
Did You Know?
The average 4-5 year old child consumes 17 teaspoons of added sugar a day- which amounts to 65 pounds of added sugar a year. The majority of a child’s added sugar intake comes from fruit drinks, high fat desserts, soft drinks and candy. 
Check the label and remember the number 4! 
Figuring out how much sugar is in a drink or food can be tricky. 
Here’s a tip: Grams of sugar ÷ 4= Teaspoons of sugar
For example: for a 20 ounce soda: 69g of sugar ÷ 4= 17 teaspoons of sugar.
Join Potter in Making Changes for a Healthier Lifestyle
  • Be a role model: drink water and participate in exercise/physical education time
  • Serve water and low-fat milk at meal and snack time
  • Reward kids with non-food items
  • Keep the sugary beverages out of the refrigerator. Instead, try pitchers of water with fresh fruit slices!
  • Keep water on hand all the time with a reusable bottle that can be filled up with water at anytime.
  • Offer your child fresh fruit instead of fruit juice. Fruit is high and fiber and makes a perfect snack!
Play & Learn with Potter
Join Potter and his friends online with interactive games and activities that are fun for kids & parents! Play with Potter at www.potterloveswater.com
Read Potter the Otter: A Tale About Water with your child today! Download the colorful book presented in English and Spanish.
Looking for a creative activity to do with you child? Why not make and color a Potter the Otter puppet! All you need is the activity cut out, a paper bag, crayons, and creativity! Download this fun activity to do with your child.
"Drink water for thirst, And you should know, Water is healthy, It helps you grow!"
       -Potter the Otter