Strategic Planning

The First 5 Ventura County Strategic Plan, adopted in July 2020, will guide our work through June 2023. Since we implemented significant changes to our investments and strategies in July 2019, the Commission decided to adopt a two-year extension of the current strategic plan. 

The Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2020-2022 includes:

  • A refined vision and mission statement
  • An updated Strategic Framework to focus our investments on Program and Systems Integration Comprehensive Child Health and Development, Strong and Resilient Families, and Quality Early Learning
  • A continued emphasis in our cornerstone investments—The Neighborhoods for Learning and Help Me Grow
  • A focus on systems change and sustainable improvements

The Commission recognizes that now, more so than ever before, families’ needs are changing rapidly. Therefore, F5VC will review current investments, assess program performance, and identify opportunities at the local, state, and federal levels on an ongoing basis. We will continue to monitor revenues and update the long-range financial plan as we refine our strategies and allocate resources. F5VC remains committed to adjusting nimbly in a changing environment and supporting families.

We will continue to serve as an early childhood leader in Ventura County as we build a comprehensive early childhood system.

Strategic Plan Years 2019–2021: Shift to Capacity Building & Systems Change

The Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years (FY) 2015–2020 called for reduced investments in direct services and increased investments in capacity building and systems change beginning in FY 2019–20. With a planned funding reduction to a local investment of $6.5 million annually, the Commission initiated a strategic shift in investments towards capacity building efforts and strengthening the overall early childhood system of services. This expanded F5VC’s role as advocates and conveners to build communities that prioritize the wellbeing of young children and families. The Commission took action to revamp our Neighborhoods for Learning (NfL) place-based service delivery system including centralizing and standardizing service implementation. The Commission also approved a streamlined, two-year transitional investment in preschool services and scholarships, took on Help Me Grow coordination, and deepened parent engagement efforts. 

2019-2020 Annual Report

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