From birth to age 5, children learn and grow a lot! They not only grow physically, but also grow in their ability to learn, talk, play, think, and interact with others.

Track your child’s milestones from age 2 months to 5 years

These early skills are marked by age-specific checkpoints, or developmental milestones, at which we expect certain skills to happen. Track your child’s milestones from age 2 months to 5 years with CDC’s easy-to-use illustrated checklists, and get tips from CDC for encouraging your child’s development. 

Development in early childhood includes:

  • Gross motor skills: using large groups of muscles to sit, stand, walk, run, etc., keeping balance and changing positions
  • Fine motor skills: using hands to be able to eat, draw, dress, play, write, and do many other things
  • Language skills: speaking, using body language and gestures, communicating, and understanding what others say
  • Cognitive skills: thinking skills including learning, understanding, problem-solving, reasoning, and remembering
  • Social skills: interacting with others, having relationships with family, friends, and teachers, cooperating and responding to the feelings of others.

From C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital

Help Me Grow Ventura County, an initiative of First 5 Ventura County

Help Me Grow (HMG) is a no-cost service to families of young children birth to age 5 and providers who support young children. We can answer everyday questions about young children’s development and behavior. When extra help is needed to support development or behavior, we provide families with information and connect them with community-based resources and services. If you are ever concerned about how your child is developing, contact Help Me Grow!

For Families of Children 0-5 HMG can:

  • Offer information and tips about child development and behavior
  • Provide free developmental screenings 
  • If needed, assist in connecting children to local services and supports

For Providers, HMG can: 

  • Provide local referral and resource information
  • Support implementation of developmental screening services
  • Collaborate to support young children’s health and development

Connect with us:

(805) 244-6911

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