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RFP for Data Management Services

First 5 Ventura County is currently soliciting proposals for a qualified contractor/vendor to provide a web-based platform for collecting program participant data, beginning on or around June 1, 2021.

To be considered, proposals must be received by 4:00 pm on Friday, April 16, 2021 via email to: Late responses will not be considered. Any questions should be submitted to no later than April 2, 2021.

Data Management Services RFP information and application (PDF)

Data Management Services RFP Questions and Answers (Updated 4/2/21, 9:25 AM)

CCMS Proposal Questions and Answers (updated 3/24/21, 4:55 PM)

How many children and families the requested system will serve annually?

Without having selected the specific Family Child Care homes yet, we cannot provide an exact number of children/families served annually.

We can determine an estimate based on some of the figures provided in the RFP. The pilot will include 20 FCCs in year 1. FCCs can be licensed to serve either 8 children or 14 children, depending on their size. If all the pilot FCCs were full, there could be up to 160-280 children served. Some FCCs, however, are not fully enrolled so the number could be smaller than this as well.

Automated billing: Billing of what specifically?

CCMS collects child care tuition from families on behalf of FCC on a regular schedule.

In-time vacancies tracked and available to the public: Please define “In-time vacancies.” Also, what data will be required to be publicly available without violating HIPAA and FERPA compliance?

In-time vacancies refers to an available child care space at a FCC. This allows families searching for care to know if a FCC has space available for their child. This is not child or family specific data that would violate HIPPA or FERPA.

An example of an “in-time vacancy” might be: FCC has one full time space available for an infant (ages 0-12 months). FCC has two part-time spaces available for preschool children ages 3-5 from 8:00 am-12:00 pm.

The purpose of this public data is to inform people seeking childcare of the availability of real-time spaces (as opposed to licensed spaces) at a childcare facility.

Accounting: Time tracking (for taxes)

Home-based child care businesses can minimize earnings by carefully tracking all expenditures of time and money and utilization of their home for the business; these legitimate expenses reduce the tax burden for providers and increase annual earnings. CCMS calculates time-space percentage for tax allocation when FCC files taxes.

A CCMS would ideally make the time-space percentage data available for the provider to utilize when filing their taxes. It is not a requirement that the CCMS calculate the tax deduction for the provider.

Receipt management: For who and what purpose? Physical receipt management, electronic receipt data management or electronic images of receipts?

CCMS provides receipt management feature to allow FCC to better track expenses as well as for tax preparation purposes.

Assistance with tax preparation: What kind of assistance? Will it require an accounting license?

Some CCMS include professional development for FCCs on tax filing. At minimum, CCMS should include time and expense tracking features noted above to assist providers with documenting allowable tax deductions.

Assistance with processing subsidy payments: What kind of assistance specifically? Will it require an API integration of any kind?

Subsidized child care includes child care assistance programs run by state and federal governments that help working families pay for child care. Some CCMS help a FCC determine the family fee owed if the subsidy does not cover the entire tuition. Some CCMS are collect subsidy on behalf of a provider- this might require an API. Education on the requirements of the subsidy program could also be a professional development topic offered by a CCMS.

What is expected to be collected for receipt management?

For Family Child Care businesses, items that are used for both the home/family and child care are “shared expenses”. FCCs are entitled to deduct all expenses that are necessary for their business. It is important for FCCs to keep receipts for anything purchased that is used even partly for their child care business. Receipt management that assists a FCC with tracking their deductible business expenses is therefore an important component of a CCMS. 

Community Investment Loan Fund

The Community Investment Loan Fund is a partnership between First 5 Ventura County and the Economic Development Collaborative (EDC). It provides below-market financing for developing licensed quality child care and preschool facilities for Ventura County children. Loans may be used for the planning, construction, expansion and rehabilitation of new or existing licensed childcare and preschool centers. For more information about the EDCs loan programs, please contact Marvin Boateng at (805) 384-1800 x9158 or


F5VC is not currently accepting applications for any vacant positions.


Funds donated will be used to purchase books for children to build their home libraries. The books will be distributed through our Take 5 and Read to Kids event each year in May.


We currently do not have any volunteer opportunities. 

When classes are held in person, we need volunteers to read to children, plant gardens, distribute supplies, and more! Check on Volunteer Ventura County for more information.

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