High-quality preschool

Participation in high-quality preschool leads to better academic and life outcomes for children. Preschool increases children’s social skills as well as lays the foundation for future school success. These benefits last well into adulthood.

A child’s early years are the most critical for establishing a foundation for learning. Research shows that children who attend a quality early learning and care program are more likely to do well in school and less likely to drop out or need remedial supports later in their education.  

While preschool is the start of your child’s school success, the learning shouldn’t stop at home, you’re still your child’s most important teacher! Keep talking, reading, and singing to your child when you are together. 

Early Learning and Care

Quality Counts Ventura County (QCVC) is part of a statewide effort to strengthen California’s early learning and care system. QCVC promotes quality standards, enhances the accessibility of high-quality early learning programs, and provides educators and administrators with professional development and resources.

QCVC assists families in making an informed decision to choose the right early learning environment for their child. Participating early learning sites in Ventura County, including center-based and family child care, are rated on a scale of 1-5 with 5 as the highest quality.

Head Start is a federally funded child development program dedicated to providing quality preschool education. This program serves low-income 3– and 4-year-old children and their families. Head Start programs support children’s growth through services centered around early learning and development, health, and family well-being. Staff actively engage parents, recognizing family participation throughout the program as critical to positive child outcomes.

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