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First 5 Ventura County invests in programs that provide families with the foundational support and knowledge to be their child’s first and best teacher. A few examples of our Strong and Resilient Families investments include Help Me Grow, 2-1-1, Triple P and our work through the NfLs.


Five protective factors build strong and resilient families

Protective factors are positive attributes that strengthen all families, not just those at risk. The Five Protective Factors framework identifies factors that play an essential role in helping children and families thrive. With years of research supporting this model, First 5 Ventura County and dozens of organizations throughout Ventura County are beginning to view their work through the lens of the Five Protective Factors, providing unique opportunities to align our efforts and ask the question collectively, “Are families getting what they need to thrive?”

Early childhood trauma threatens long-term health

From addiction to diabetes, heart disease and lung cancer, numerous studies have shown that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) — which include abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction – can have lifelong negative impacts on the health of a child and the adult they become.

ACEs Aware Ventura County

ACEs Aware Ventura County is modeled after a state-wide initiative focused on educating and training primary care physicians, like pediatricians, to screen for ACEs for children (and adults) enrolled in Medi-Cal. The long-term goal of both the local and statewide initiative is to improve the health and well-being of children and adults impacted by ACEs through screening, education, and treatment. 

Through our Help Me Grow (HMG) initiative, we help design resource and referral pathways, develop educational materials, and serve as a coordination hub for pediatricians to refer families of young children who need navigation and linkage support. 

Dr. Diana Ramos is the California Surgeon General and brings a lifetime of experience protecting and promoting the health of vulnerable communities. Dr. Ramos places ACES and toxic stress, mental health, and inequities of care at the top of her statewide to-do list.

Visit the “Learn the Signs. Act Early” initiative of The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to learn about Early Developmental Milestones.

2-1-1 Resource and Referral Line

From childcare and housing support to food distribution sites, health insurance enrollment, and more, anyone can call 2-1-1 any time of day or night for information linking them to local social service resources. A live operator will connect the caller with information that matches their needs. Any family with a child under five will also be linked to their local First 5 Neighborhood for Learning. 2-1-1 is based in Camarillo and funded in part by First 5 Ventura County.

Triple P offers simple, effective tools for positive parenting

Triple P Positive Parenting Program gives parents simple tips to help manage the big and small problems of family life, like toddler tantrums, self-esteem issues, bedtime battles, disobedience, aggression, coping with divorce and more.

First 5 Ventura County offers Triple P in partnership with our Neighborhoods for Learning (NfLs). Parents with a concern or question can bring it to NfL staff. Learn more about this proven approach to parent support on the Triple P websites:

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